Ride Guide

Is it simply coincidence that BC is:

  • the birthplace of modern day mountain biking,
  • the chosen riding place of greats like Wade Simmons, Roland Green etc (to name just 2 is a crime) & Whistler new boys Brian Lopes and Cedric Gracia
  • the home of the undisputed king of all Bike Parks (Whistler) and the most filmed, talked about & recognized mountain bike terrain anywhere (The North Shore)
  • and now home to the 2010 Olympic Games.

Eh no! This place is simply the best location in the world to live to ride, Period. Bike trails are everywhere. From the gnarliest descents and stunts that you can’t even imagine what sick imagination dreamt them up (never mind people actually riding them) to unbelievable all-mountain singletrack epics, to the mellowest rides to convert even the most timid amongst us.

BC truly has it all, and we want to show you its very best. Yep, put simply, that’s why we call it epic ride, truly the ultimate mountain bike adventure in the world, brought to you by the pure mountain bike specialists.

So enough hype, if this place really deserves it’s reputation as no.1 place to place ride a mountain bike in the world, tell us the why, right! Although BC has so many top places to ride dirt, we concentrate on only the best of the best, namely The North Shore, Kamloops & Sun Peaks Park, & the Sea to Sky corridor including greats like Pemberton, Squamish & Whistler.

OK, we know that some of these names are not so well known world-wide, but believe me when you mention any of the above to a local, it will only depend on their riding style as to which they pick as their favourite. We have had many a long, beer feed debate over it, ok no sitting on the fence, my personal favorite is Kamloops but I truly love them all for their unique qualities, each 2 wheeled nirvanas in their own right. Remember to ride the best; you have to know the best – now you do!

Are we exaggerating in our claim of Ultimate Mountain Biking Adventure, I don’t think so. This province didn’t just revolutionized mountain biking as we know it today, it re-defined the sport itself, come experience the best with the best.